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Welcome to the Salt Lake City SQL Server Users Group!

We are based in Salt Lake City and meet once a month for 2 hours.  We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at the Doty education center at the Intermountain HealthCare hospital complex in murray. When: 2nd monday of every month from 3:00-5:00p.m. Location: Doty Family Education Center 5121 So. Cottonwood Street Murray, Utah

Contact: Pat Wright If you have any questions about the group/site

July Meeting

Date/Time: 07-14-2014

Location: Doty Education Center IHC Facility 5400 south. Aud-WEST (Doty Education Center)

Primary Topic: Dynamic Data Profiling using SSIS and SQL Server Data Profiler -- Ankit Sharma

Byte topic: SQl Query Tuning -- Will Godwin

Byte Presentation

Title: SQL Query Tuning

ABSTRACT: I intend to show proven tips and tricks I use to tune SQL queries. This session includes:
  1. Sight checking for inefficient SQL
  2. Use of Statistics IO and Time
  3. Basic query plan reading to help identify large result sets and poorly used indexes or missing indexes.

BIO: Will Godwin

I graduated from Neumont University. I have been a software engineer/SQL Developer for 8 years. Notable places of employment are Allegiance, UTA, Dealertrack Technologies and ITN International. I have experienced a wide variety of databases including SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle. I started my career as a typical web-based software engineer, but slowly gravitated toward writing and tuning SQL queries out of necessity due to data access code generators compiling awful SQL and poor understanding of set-based operations by other engineers.

Primary Topic

Title: Dynamic data profiling using SSIS and SQL Server Data Profiler

ABSTRACT: Data profiling is an important aspect of any DW\ETL development. Full time Analysts at most large organizations are dedicated to reviewing and documenting source databases for the BI teams. It’s the very first step in any ETL development - “understanding the data and more importantly exceptions within the data.” In this presentation we’ll learn how we can use a simple data profiling task (available to us within SSIS) to provide useful data stats to analysts and BI teams with a click of a button. Then we'll dive a little deeper and see how we can use variables in SSIS to make this package dynamic, to profile data in any table across any database.

BIO: Ankit Sharma

Ankit is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Business Intelligence, currently working as Vice President\ BI Architect with Equation consulting (a Utah based healthcare consulting firm). Ankit has spent last 5 years working as an architect, designing end-to end data warehouse solutions for the healthcare industry that can be quickly deployed, automated and managed across several large and small healthcare organizations across US Physician practices, hospitals, Health systems, and medical schools).

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